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  • 09 de julio de 2019
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Governors seek to strengthen alliance with Korean counterparts

Along with other leaders of the country, members of the CONAGO, the Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca established collaboration agreements on issues of mutual interest and highlights the potential of the state.


9 July 2019

Mexico City.- The Governor, Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca and leaders of other entities in the country held a working meeting with the mayor of Seoul, South Korea, Park Won-Soon, which addressed issues of collaboration in areas such as investment and industrial and academic linkage.

The meeting was promoted by the Mexico-Asia-Pacific Commission of the National Conference of Governors (CONAGO), chaired by the Governor of Aguascalientes, Martín Orozco Sandoval and of which Governor García is a member Cabeza de Vaca.

Park Won-Soon is Mayor of Seoul from 2011 and President of the Association of Governors (GAOK) which brings together the 17 provincial and metropolitan governments of Korea.

South Korea is the second most important Asian country in investments in Mexico, surpassed only by Japan and there are more than 1800 companies with Korean capital in the national territory.

In Tamaulipas there is Korean capital in a total of 14 companies.

The meeting highlighted the opportunity to strengthen the institutional relationship between CONAGO and GAOK, and design actions for greater dialogue between the states of Mexico and those of the Republic of Korea on issues of mutual interest aimed at the development of both nations.

"Our state has a great development potential that is very attractive to foreign companies looking for options to invest and that is what we are looking for in Tamaulipas, an investment that generates a sustainable economic development," said García Cabeza de Vaca, to highlight the meeting with the mayor of Seoul.

Tamaulipas has managed to place itself in the seventh place in attracting Foreign Direct Investment and this year in third place in the country in the generation of formal employment.

In addition to García Cabeza de Vaca and Orozco Sandoval, in the meeting participated the Governors of Querétaro, Francisco Domínguez Servién, in addition President in turn of the CONAGO; from Durango, José Aispuro Rosas, and from Hidalgo, Omar Fayad Meneses.

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