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Tamaulipas government continues to attend families affected by rains

In Paseo las Flores, the colony most affected by the floods, 7 pumps were installed to speed up the drainage.

20 community kitchens are installed in the affected sectors.


June 26 of the 2019

Reynosa, Tamaulipas.- The Government of Tamaulipas reinforced the works of attention to the families that were affected by floods, derived from the storm that took place on Monday night in this city.

Personnel of Civil Protection, System for the Integral Development of the Family, Social Welfare, State Commission of the Water, Urban Development and Ecology and other instances of the state administration, kept delivering aid packages and working in the evacuation of the water in the sectors affected

As of noon this Wednesday, the number of colonies affected by the water level was reduced to 9.

In the Paseo de las Flores neighborhood, one of the most affected sectors, thanks to the coordination between the State Water Commission and the National Water Commission, the number of pumps operating to help a faster water evacuation was increased to 7 .

While the Ministry of Social Welfare, maintained the operation of twenty community soup kitchens to serve hot food to affected families in the neighborhoods Laws of Reform, Vicente Guerrero, Nuevo Amanecer and las Pirámides. 2 thousand 900 saucers have been distributed in these canteens.

Near 300 people of the Ministry of Health, strengthened the routes through the affected areas, providing medical care, medicines and where it has already been possible, fumigations and nebulizations to combat the reproduction of mosquitoes transmitters of contagious diseases.

This Wednesday we continued with the delivery of cleaning kits, pantries, mats, toiletries and bottled water.

The State Police carry out tours in the affected sectors to prevent acts of violence and safeguard the safety of the families affected.

The Directorate of Civil Protection keeps attentive to 19 people who are still in the Reynosa Sports Center, which was enabled as temporary shelter.

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