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Activa Government of Tamaulipas new phase of attention due to contingency.

Through the comprehensive plan United for Tamaulipas, the state government strengthened the actions of cleaning and medical attention to families affected by the floods after the storm on Monday 24 in June.


June 29 of the 2019

Reynosa, Tamaulipas. - Through the comprehensive United for Tamaulipas attention plan, the Government of the State reinforced this weekend the attention to families affected by the floods recorded by the storm that occurred last Monday.

Thanks to an immediate intervention by the government agencies of Tamaulipas, it began to provide assistance in several sectors to dislodge the water and assist the affected families in their priority needs.

After the eviction of the water in the most affected sectors, the cleaning, fumigation and medical care programs deployed since Tuesday, the Tamaulipas brigades expanded the coverage that will continue to be provided during the following days.

This Saturday the Head of the Office of the Governor, Víctor Manuel Sáenz Martínez, presided over a tour with Secretaries, Coordinators and Directors of the state administration, to supervise the work carried out in the Colonia Paseo de las Flores, one of the most affected by the floods .

Previously a meeting was held to evaluate the care provided in the immediate phase after the rains and coordinate the next intervention.

As of this weekend, the brigades of the State Government reinforced the tasks of street cleaning, removal of rubble and garbage, fumigation, consultations and medical attention, lime placement, descacharrización, delivery of hot foods prepared in mobile kitchens, distribution of cleaning kits, mats and bottled and bulk drinking water.

After the Declaration of Emergency issued by the National Coordination of Civil Protection, which will allow access to resources from the Emergency Response Fund, the Government of Tamaulipas will also request a Declaration of Disaster, in order to allocate resources for infrastructure repair damaged public

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