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Governor oversees actions to assist the population affected by floods in Reynosa.


June 25 of the 2019

Reynosa, Tamaulipas.- The governor, Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, toured the sectors affected by heavy rain and flooding in this municipality, derived from the storm that caused the accumulated precipitation of 5 to 7 inches in just a couple of hours.

In the Pedro José Méndez neighborhood, the president supervised the desacolve work of the "Enrique C. Rébsamen" Primary School and assisted the affected families in their heritage due to the heavy rain and the floods caused by it.

To mitigate the contingency and serve families in more than 50 colonias de Reynosa, the State Council of Civil Protection was declared in permanent session.

"It is working together, in order to help all these affected families. There is already additional support so that these families can clean their houses, the entire team of Public Works, Social Welfare, the Red Cross and COMAPA is supported, all of them joining forces and capacities to attend to these families that were affected, "said Governor García Cabeza de Vaca at the end of the meeting of the Civil Protection Council.

He reiterated the call to the National Commission of Water and Municipalities to coordinate actions to keep the storm drains out of action.

"That is why we have exhorted to work in a coordinated manner with the National Water Commission. Through Plan Unidos por Tamaulipas we are doing the same, cleaning many of these drains, but that is where we have to join efforts, capacities and resources to keep them always clean and avoid tragedies, "he said.

According to the report of the State Council of Civil Protection, heavy rains caused flooding in more than 50 colonies of Reynosa, 20 of them with severe affectations.

The DN-III Plan was activated by the Ministry of National Defense, which was joined by the Secretariat of the Navy of Mexico and the Federal Police.

Dredging and drainage cleaning work is carried out by personnel from the Ministry of Public Works and the Ministry of Urban Development and the Environment, which has deployed more than 70 units, including dump trucks, backhoes, pumping machines, pipes, trucks and light generators.

8 community kitchens have been installed in various sectors and distributed through the DIF Tamaulipas 2000 cleaning kits, personal care products, mats, blankets, water bottles and pantries in the affected areas.

The Ministry of Health reports some damages in infrastructure: 4 Health Centers that register floods, 4 units with temporary power cut, flooded areas in the Hospital of Zone No. 15 of the IMSS and ISSSTE, affectations that are already taken care of to continue providing service to the population that requires it.

On the other hand, it activated the health response plan for rains with immediate actions for the control of diseases, disinfection of water sources for human consumption and dissemination of preventive measures.

To this end, epidemiological brigades were deployed, teams from the program "Tam te Cuida con Médico en Casa", State Fumigation Group and Health Committees to attend to the contingency.

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