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Tamaulipas brings its capabilities and potential to the new federal energy policy.

The entity hosted the forum New Energy Policy for the Welfare of Mexico for the creation of the National Development Plan, in which specialists, academics and businessmen participated.


March 04 of 2019

Tampico, Tamaulipas.- Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca and the Secretary of Energy, Rocío Nahle García, presided in this city the New Energy Policy for Welfare of Mexico forum, as part of the work for the creation of the 2019-2024 National Development Plan of the Government of Mexico.

Tamaulipas, together with Campeche and Tabasco, is one of the entities chosen for the realization of these meetings due to its importance in the sector at a national and international level, outstanding energy production and growth potential.

"Tamaulipas is facing a historic opportunity. Of the work, the coordination and collaboration of the governments of Mexico and Tamaulipas, depends the greatest economic growth of our entity that has had in recent years and, therefore, the arrival of long-awaited and profound changes in the state, regarding the social development, "assured Governor Garcia Cabeza de Vaca.

The president stressed that the state administration supports local companies to participate in the supply chain and provision of services in the sector, promotes certification and adapts the curricula of universities and technical schools to respond to the demand for human capital they bring with them investments in energy matters.

"Undoubtedly, the consolidation of Tamaulipas as the state par excellence of energy in Mexico, will contribute to the economic growth of Mexico," he said.

The Secretary of Energy, Rocío Nahle García, announced that the new policies of the Federal Government in energy will detonate the hydrocarbons, electricity, renewable energies and technological innovation, in which strategies for the improvement of the energy policy will be implemented, responsible and efficient resources, availability of energy, economic and social progress, reindustrialize energy policy, among others.

He said that, due to the characteristics and potential of Tamaulipas, the energy sector of the entity requires a second consultation forum focused on gas production.

"Tamaulipas for its extension, for its development, it gives for 2 forums. In Tamaulipas we must make another forum in Reynosa where is the Cuenca de Burgos, it is possible there. We must make a forum there precisely because of the issue and the vision of the potential of gas that Tamaulipas has in that area, "he said.

Tamaulipas is the first national place for the volume of natural gas not associated and the second place in Mexico for the production of electrical energy. It has deposits of oil, shale gas, petrochemical industry and potential for the production of electricity through renewable energy.

It has 27 contracts for the rounds convened by the National Hydrocarbons Commission, which allows to project the investment, in the medium and long term, of 64 one billion dollars and the creation of approximately 250 thousand jobs.

Among the advantages offered by the state, are the gas transportation system by pipelines and the vicinity with the United States of America, conducive to the importation of natural gas.

In Tamaulipas territory there are 6 wind farms and an equal number in the final stage of its construction, which represent an investment of more than 2 thousand 400 million dollars and the generation of 3 thousand direct and indirect jobs.

As part of the New Energy Policy for the Wellbeing of Mexico forum, 4 work tables on hydrocarbons, electricity, technology development and renewable energies were held, with the participation of academics, specialists and businessmen.

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