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Presents Governor strategy for the integral development of Tamaulipas

The Governor announced a strategy that will be presented in several municipalities of the state, which raises the impulse of the different regions of the entity for an integral economic development.


March 11 of the 2019

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.- The governor, Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, presented on Monday in Ciudad Victoria the Strategies for Promotion and Execution of Projects for Economic Development 2019, a program that includes comprehensive actions, aimed at promoting the development of the state.

Before representatives of productive sectors and civil society of Ciudad Victoria, the president said that these actions include industrial development, logistics and services as growth promoters to the state.

In addition, in the same meeting, Governor Garcia Cabeza de Vaca It unveiled the Holistic Vision Model and the Digital Invest in Tamaulipas Platform, strategies that were in charge of the Economic Development Secretariat and members of the Economic Cabinet that make up the Secretariats of Public Works, Urban Development and Environment, Rural Development, Tourism, Fishing and Aquaculture.

"This is where we want to join efforts, capacities, talents and resources with the 3 government orders to make Tamaulipas a better state to live but above all a booming state," he said.

He added: "But that work is not done by a Governor or by a government, we all do it together, society and government."

This planning, which has the support of JA Group, a company specializing in the development of projects of economic and social impact, has 3 objectives: to promote the culture of logistics competitiveness, generate proposals and projects capable of enhancing the well-being of the human being and define a logistics, industrial and investment attraction strategy to investigate, study and generate new projects.

He stressed that governments are generators of conditions for investments to arrive, that is why the Government of the State, undertook these actions and that it is the productive sectors that generate the wealth.

The actions that aim to strengthen the existing infrastructure, with a broad and coordinated vision of the public and private sectors, to attract investments and consolidate Tamaulipas as a business destination with a better quality of life.

To this action plan, the Digital Invest in Tamaulipas platform is added to the new approach to economic progress in the state that will be in charge of the Development of Tamaulipas Promoter.

Víctor Manuel Sáenz Martínez, head of the Governor's Office; César Verástegui Ostos, General Secretary of Government; Carlos Alberto García González, Secretary of Economic Development; Cecilia del Alto López, Secretary of Public Works; Ariel Longoria García, Secretary of Rural Development; Gilberto Estrella Hernández, Secretary of Urban Development and Environment, among others.

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