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Governor and elected mayors build shared vision for Tamaulipas

The president met Thursday with mayors and elected mayors of the entity.


Agosto 23 by 2018

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas- In the first working meeting with the mayors and elected mayors of the municipalities, the governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca He assured the mayors that they will find in the Government of the State of Tamaulipas and in the head of the State Executive its main allies.

The meeting held in this capital city was aimed at strengthening the coordination, communication and delineation of public policies to face the challenges shared by municipalities and entities.

He said that this is a clear message to the new municipal officials, but above all to the citizens, so that they know that they have the support of their administration to help them improve their living conditions.

And he emphasized: "Independently of the colors and ideals partisan, the state administration will support and support the municipal governments in all those actions that are aimed at improving the quality of life of its inhabitants."

After welcoming those who will be dispatched from October 1 as mayors and mayors, the president reiterated all the support to the State Cabinet to achieve together with the municipal administrations the objectives proposed to the citizens.

The State Cabinet, specialists in municipal strategic planning issues, also participated in the work table; planning as an articulating axis; the planning and the holistic development for the economic and social development based on infrastructure, as well as to share the creation of the Promoter for the Development of Tamaulipas (PRODETAM).

"That is why I have asked my Cabinet to be present, feel free to ask and advise, that they work hand in hand with each of the secretariats, there are innovative schemes that will make them known," he added. Governor Garcia Cabeza de Vaca.

For proper municipal management, the heads of Finance, Economic Development, Public Works, Social Welfare, Health, Public Safety and the Government Comptroller, presented topics on public finances and the regulatory framework; of the reception process of the municipalities; the importance of public contracting and participation in government programs that are developed jointly with the municipality, among others.

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