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Improvement Government of Tamaulipas connectivity of Reynosa

The "Bridge of Peace" was open to road traffic last weekend. It connects from the center to the west of the city and will benefit thousands of motorists daily.

Julio 06 of 2018


Reynosa, Tamaulipas.- Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca It gave the inaugural signal to the road distributor of the Hidalgo and Mil Cumbres boulevards, "Puente de la Paz", road work opened to traffic last Friday, and through which it will be favorably impacted in the connectivity of the city, flow, security and performance of the mobility of the dynamic urban corridor.

Hidalgo Avenue in Reynosa is one of the main corridors of public transport that connects the center with the west of the city, in addition to linking with the highway to Monterrey, communicating a large number of commercial plazas, industrial parks and service providers.

The road distributor benefits 900 thousand users who daily transit through the avenues Hidalgo and Mil Cumbres, its construction required an investment of about 217 million pesos, from the Fund for Entities and Municipalities Producers of Hydrocarbons 2017.

"Our families, the working class, the productive sectors require more time; of more time to dedicate it to their families. This bridge saves many minutes to move from one place to another. We want to see not only modernity, innovation in the city, but also families have more time to live together, "said the Governor.

"This bridge represents innovation, modernity, confidence but also generates peace," he added.

In his message, the president also reiterated that the United Plan for Reynosa will continue to take the sectors that most require it in the city.

The Government of the State of Tamaulipas, in the category of public works for Reynosa, contemplates investments for 800 million pesos in different areas of the municipality, destined to the improvement of avenues, accesses and rehabilitation of public spaces for recreation.

Currently, road and health infrastructure works, paving, rehabilitation of social centers and justice institutions are being carried out as part of the Plan Unidos por Reynosa actions.

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