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The Government of Tamaulipas Strengthens Security Operations and Operations and Law Enforcement in the Sugarcane Region

The governor delivered the civil work of law enforcement and security and announced an amount of 30 million pesos for the paving and recarpeteo program for this city.


March 24 of the 2018

Mante, Tamaulipas.- With an investment of more than 34 million pesos, Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca inaugurated in this municipality the Specialized Unit in the Investigation and Persecution of the Crime of Kidnapping and Extortion, the Command, Control, Communications and Computing Center C-4 and delivered 5 patrols to the State Proximity Police; joint actions that contribute to reduce the rates of high-impact crimes and restore security, peace and the rule of law in Tamaulipas.

"These two buildings will contribute to improving research conditions; the C-4 is our eyes, our people in the field are our ears, and with the research and intelligence teams that we have through the Attorney General's Office as well as by Public Security we will meet the demands of citizens to end serious problems that they are dragging themselves here for several years, "stressed the state leader before members of the Bureau of Security and Justice, productive sectors and civil society.

Governor Garcia Cabeza de Vaca in the company of Mayor Juan Francisco Leal Guerra and Cecilia del Alto López, Secretary of Public Works, announced investments for 460 million pesos for the rehabilitation of asphalt pavement, recarpeteo, urban improvement and road reengineering in various municipalities, of which, Mante will receive 30 million pesos to transform its streets and avenues, benefiting a little more than 90 thousand inhabitants.

The new buildings of the State Public Security System and the Attorney General's Office in Tamaulipas are staff trained and evaluated with high standards of control and trust, which govern such dependencies; supported with cutting-edge technological infrastructure for the fulfillment of its objective.

The Unit Specialized in the Investigation and Persecution of Sequestration in Mante, required an investment of 24 million 423 thousand 240 pesos; was built on a surface of 876 square meters, and consists of 2 flats which include: 2 Agencies of the Public Ministry, psychological care room, voice sample chamber, dormitories, Gesell chambers, among other spaces.

For its part, the C-4; had a superior investment of 10 million 324 thousand pesos; the work was cemented in an extension of 436 square meters, it has specific areas such as: monitoring center, waiting room, reception, monitoring rooms, telephone attention, among other offices.

Governor Garcia Cabeza de Vaca he was accompanied by the Secretary of Public Security, Rear Admiral Augusto Cruz Morales and the Attorney General, Irving Mujica Barrios; They made a tour of the new areas, inspecting the technological equipment and furniture with which the facilities were equipped; besides review the personnel belonging to the security area.

Out of his work schedule, the state governor, moved to the first square of the city, where he went to a stand of fresh water and tacos, located on the opposite side of the Municipal Palace, where he had some delicious tacos typical of this town; He walked to the main square, talked with the locals and took the opportunity to greet local business owners Vicente Guerrero street.

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